Oceana Surf Camp

Taghazout has a lot of hip cafes and restaurants. Taghazout also has one of the nicest skateparks in the region. Plenty of bazars are around. There’s a golf course. You have the opportunity to go kayaking, jetski-ing, camelback riding and horseback riding. You can rent fishpoles around here. Several surf camps organize beach parties and we are no exception.
THere’re also the fantastic views of Paradise Valley and the charming town of Imsouane. At our restaurant, in camp, and all over town, you can taste the traditional Moroccan food that is now world famous. Tajines, couscous and other Moroccan staples.

Morocco has been a premium surfing destination for half a century and its coast is full of amazing surfing spots. The endless waves of the Atlantic Ocean have always had a special draw on humanity. We want you to remember your visit to Taghazout. When you come back again, you realize you never really left.

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