The Oceana experience of Taghazout

The Oceana experience of Taghazout

Taghazout is one of the most well-known surfing spots in the world. It is within walking distance of renowned surf spots, e.g. Anchor Point, Pipeline and Killer. Taghazout gets 360 days of sun in the year and provides the perfect conditions for surfing. But that is not all there is to love about Taghazout. The people who visit this special place often speak about a sense of magic draw. The chill atmosphere is accentuated by the gorgeous ocean view, the lovely narrow streets and the charming fishing community.

In between surf sessions, you can often find visitors of Taghazout striking yoga poses. At night, beach parties are organized around the area.  And the sighting of the odd camel on the beach reminds you that you are on the edge of the world`s largest desert. The relentless sound of the waves is the perfect background to clear your mind and focus on what is most important to you.

Morocco is known for its gastronomy. And the area has some of the freshest produce in the country. Many restaurants are vegan-friendly.  But the star of the food experience in Taghazout is the fresh fish. Directly from the sea to your platter!

Nature-lovers have several beautiful hiking paths nearby. And sandboarding enthusiasts will find plenty of spots to enjoy themselves. The surrounding mountains are beautiful and easily accessible. But the real draw is the ocean. And faith has blessed this place with plenty of consistent waves, warm weather plus hospitable people. In Morocco, customs are such that everybody’s door is open.  

Most visitors of Taghazout like to spend a day in Agadir, where there are many activities to choose from. Agadir Oufella offers a stunning view of the bay of Agadir and the Amazigh museum  is worth the detour. The night life in Agadir is very interesting, with live bands performing at restaurants all over town. The clubbing scene is very lively and diversified.

But ultimately, everybody comes back to Taghazout. Everybody falls in love with Taghazout. Because this is an inclusive place built around surfing. And for as long as the waves last, people will continue to be magically drawn to it.

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