Airport transfer to & from Taghazout

Oceana Surf Camp will help solve all your transportation needs. We provide transfers to and from the airport of Agadir for a 25 Euros fee. Private transfers from Marrakech are also possible for 100 Euros. If you’re coming from Marrakech by train or bus, we can also pick you up there for 10 Euros. We also have a range of rental cars if you so choose to do some exploring on your own. You can pick from Dacia Logans (unleaded and diesel), a diesel Dacia Docker, and a diesel 7 sitter Dacia Lodgy. Our activities (Day in Imsouane, Paradise Valley and the Souk Trip) include transportation. The team at Oceana Surf Camp is dedicated to customer satisfaction, so if there is anything you’re pondering, feel free to contact us.

Buses (autocars) are a popular mode of transport in Morocco. They are typically the cheapest possible way to move around. Grand Taxis are also reasonably priced.

At 21 Kms from Agadir, the village of Taghazout is easily accessible from several roads. Despite a lack of railways in the region, it remains easy to just pick up your stuff and decide to head to Taghazout. Renting a car may be the best option for those who want to move freely and visit the beautiful ocean and lovely mountains. But a car is not needed for the perfect surfing holiday. Taghazout has enough surf shops, convenience stores, restaurants to make your stay comfortable. Everything is within walking distance. The best surf spots around are also within walking distance. The views are endless and the sun is always by your side. Some of the best grilled seafood in Morocco is around Taghazout. You can meet the fishermen at the shore with their daily bounties, buy some and fix it yourself. Or you can head to some grill stand where they will serve it with some Moroccan salad.

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